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We are a group of very experienced people who like to go their own way.

Most of us have spent over 10 years in various game-developing studios where we’ve gained a lot of experience. Working for big studios on AAA projects has taught us to cooperate in team, do the planning, and simply everything related to the development of games and applications. However, we didn’t feel free enough to get creative and felt we couldn’t affect the way the finished product looked like too much.

This is why the FUTURE CAPSULE studio has been established.

And that’s what it’s based on: experience, talent, passion to create top-quality work, and ambitions to keep improving.


Developing computer games is our job, hobby as well as passion. We love games with strong narratives, and that’s the kind of games we’d like to create. We’d like to provide not only some short-lived entertainment but also the kind of experience to have a long-lasting impact on the players even after they finish playing.

We create content for classic platforms as well as virtual and extended reality (VR/XR).

Thanks to our experience, however, our production overlaps with other creative branches as well, such as film, photographs, theatre, music, etc.

Also, we cooperate with a number of talented professional contractors from all the disciplines of game-development and creative arts.


We’ve cooperated on AAA game titles such as Mafia I Remake, Mafia II, Mafia III, Borderlands, and a lot of other smaller projects. At the same time, we’ve done some VR/XR jobs for various companies and organizations both as the main contractor or a subcontractor. In order to protect the trade secret, most of these projects are covered by NDAs.

Currently, we are working on a rather big project of a storyline game from the times of Czechoslovakian Legions with the working title KDE DOMOV MŮJ (Where My Home Is). In this game, we’d like to tell the story of a very important part of Czechoslovakian history, full of courage as well as incredible achievements, and about a return home full of hardships. This project is now in an advanced pre-production phase. Now, we are working on securing enough finances for the project whose production is planned to start in the autumn 2021.

Given that the main parts of work on the previous project are to begin only in the autumn 2021, we are working on a small game project intended primarily, but not exclusively for the VR platform. It’s a storyline game from a hotel environment with the working title LOBBY BOY. The story is based on real as well as fictional events that have or may well happen in the hotel. Your task is to resolve all the situations and earn money while keeping your self-respect, if at all possible. A witty, sometimes politically incorrect, crazy, and even a bit horror-like game. In addition, we’d like to get a community of game enthusiasts involved in the process of writing the game in order to bring it closer to them. At the moment, the game is in its preproduction phase and expected to be released before the summer 2021.


Our studio is just perfect for our needs, such as taking photos of references, creating objects using photogrammetry, shooting videos, testing the virtual live camera and extended reality, and – last but not least – simpler motion capture of actors’ actions as well as movement references. Also, we’ve been continuously adding more equipment to improve the quality of the studio.


We love to look for new challenges that push us forward while enabling us to learn new things. We aren’t afraid of new ideas and paths not yet taken.


Štefánikova 29, Ponava,
602 00 Brno,
Czech Republic


Stojanova 370/6, Veveří,
602 00 Brno, Czech Republic
IČ: 04479254
b.ú.: 2700879916 / 2010


Petr Adamec
Founder & CEO
+420 605 342 205